Where do I belong?

Do you ever feel as if you don’t belong?
As if you’re constantly misunderstood!
Like nobody really gets you?

Get in line, we all feel this way!

Laughs hysterically

I’m totally kidding. On a serious note though, this existence often gets us in our feels. We’re always encouraged to ‘reach out’ when we’re going through the motions.
Don’t you feel as if most people are programmed to give us standardized responses?
Things like: “things will get better” or “this is only a phase” and my all time favorite – “don’t think about it too much”
No shit! If I could just turn off my feels for a bit, I definitely wouldn’t think about it too much!
We’re all gathered here on this galactic floating ball, non-consensually (that’s open to interpretation, obviously – just like everything else). Wait, where was I?
Oh yes, trying our utmost best to belong and be present.

I think that one of the most isolating feelings in the world is, having all these thoughts, but nobody to rapidly nod in agreeance.
You’re welcome – by the way.
I get you. I get it.
I don’t have the answers either, I just have a cushion of comfort to offer you. A buffer to let you know that it is completely okay to feel as though you're from an alternate galaxy. In fact, most of us feel this way, we just don’t have a trusted source to have the conversation with.

This Is Where You Belong

Now that we’ve found each other, stay close.
We’ll be unpacking and exploring tools and mechanisms to aid each other, to help us get by and make the best of our experience here.
Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode…