Mere Mortals

You know – that sad, sad, sad – broken; unhealed; trauma riddled YOU – is so advantageous to many.
They feed off of your heartache

You’re tarnished and fragile, that in turn makes you PREY to energy scavengers.
More so the ones who claim to love you and care for you.

You’re vulnerable
You’re lonely
You wish that someone would do for you what you keep doing for them
You often over compensate
You pay with your time
You pay with your love
You pay with your charisma
You pay with your patience
You pay with your understanding

You’re repeatedly pleasing those around you. You believe that they’re there for you. You want to believe that they care for you.
You give and you give and you give
As limitless as your giving spirit is, as is their infinite taking spirit
You tell them that you’re not okay – hoping that they’ll comprehend and empathize with you
Instead, you end up being their comfort and consoling them, yet you’re the one in dire need of comfort and support
You see what they did there? They flipped the switch up on you

The more you give, the more they take

Its high time that you reclaim yourself!

It’s a tough transition – you know this
We all know how comfortable a zone becomes once you’re accustomed to it

And my gosh, will they get mad!!
Yep – those very ones who say shit like:
‘Learn to say NO!’
‘Don’t let them take advantage of you’
‘Put yourself first’ – those ones, they’re gonna be pissed the fuck off

Reclaim yourself!
Go on and put yourself first
Say YES to you

They don’t like that you’ve developed this amount of self-restoration
They need you to be hurt; damaged and unrepaired – that way its easier to take from you

The moment that you start putting yourself first – ohhh, they’re going to be mad
When you start speaking up about what no longer serves you – they’ll almost immediately treat you differently
When you regain your voice that’s been silenced for so long – they’ll despise you
But fuck it
You have nobody else in this world but yourself
You and only you are in your skin

Bid them a sweet farewell as they proceed to be salty with you
Love them anyway, if that’s what your heart desires
Set healthy boundaries though
Become the best version of yourself
Do what’s good for you
Love YOU again
Be BOLD again
Walk TALL again
Dance to your own RHYTHM and BEAT again
Smile at yourself again

You deserve it
You deserve all the love that didn’t ricochet
You deserve that kindness that you so freely dispersed
You owe it to yourself to be gentle, yet assertive towards you and your needs
Give yourself a chance
Be free from the emotional bondage that you accepted for far too long
Go on…
Laugh with yourself
Connect deeply with yourself
Elevate yourself

As hard as it may be at the onset, keep it up and do the work
Establish new patterns of getting to know yourself better
You’re now evolved – you’ve grown
What you once tolerated, is now deteriorated

I’ve got this philosophy, I may have mentioned it here before
It goes like this:
Do whatever the fuck you want, as long as you don’t hurt anybody

I shared that philosophy with a beautiful soul that I shared an office space with
When I said it to her, she heard me. She listened attentively then proceeded to narrow her eyes and sort of stiffening the sides of her bottom lips, which forced the top lips to follow in a somewhat downward direction, then she nodded slowly with that ‘almost-approving’ face

A couple of months later, at one of my all-time lowest moments because of slicing pieces of me to feed others – she said:
Do whatever the fuck you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone

That punched me right in the glabella (for those of you who have not taken a particular interest in human anatomy, it’s that area right between your eyebrows, just above the nose – see I told you that we’d come here to bounce off each other and learn stuff)
K.O –

She knocked sense into me right that moment

So friends – the next time you allow someone to make withdrawals from your soul while you’re in an overdraft, think about what my soul buddy said to me
The philosophy is only effective when you deem yourself worthy!


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